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Removing a scrap truck is not an easy job. It requires the right equipment and the right skills and experience to safely remove a truck which is not running. At Wollongong Cash For Car, we have both the equipment and the right manpower to safely remove your scrap truck, dismantle it, completely drain all the hazardous liquid, and properly send parts for recycling for good of our planet.

When you own a truck which is not running anymore, you have the moral responsibility to have it properly recycled to minimize the risks it may pose to our environment.

Fortunately people like us not only can help you to get your truck removed and recycled, but also offer you good cash for it. Plus free removal service from your location no matter where you are in the South Island.

Abandoned Trucks Are Environmental Hazards

Like cars, trucks come packed with a lot of metal and some liquids such as oil and acids but in greater volume than cars. So does the need for environment protection because a truck just rusting in your backyard will cause huge amount of damage to the environment. On the other hand, it is just a waste of money if you have just abandoned your truck. Therefore, if you have a truck which is not used anymore for any reason, give us a call on 0485 800 105 and find out how much cash you could get for your truck.

Free Truck Removal in Wollongong and other close regions

Our Truck Removal Service is available in Wollongong and wider NSW regions. You do not have to be in Wollongong to benefit from this service. We not only remove your unwanted truck for free but also pay you top instant cash for your truck. However, it is noted that we buy and pay cash for light trucks and heavy trucks and remove them for free.

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